Fire protection

Individual fire protection concepts for all types of buildings

A holistic approach is crucial

Comprehensive fire protection measures guarantee the demand-oriented use of a building. This includes structural as well as technical and organisational aspects. This is the only way to minimise risks and possible damage consequences.

We at SCHUSTER engineering are of the opinion that fire protection must already play a decisive role in the preliminary planning or in the construction design phase in order to determine the framework conditions. We rely on interdisciplinary teamwork between architect, structural engineer and fire protection engineer to find the optimal solution.

  • Leistungsspektrum

    Fire protection consulting in preliminary planning

    • Advice to clients and architects in the preliminary planning phase
    • Coordination with the responsible fire protection office
    • Coordination with the building supervisory authorities
    • Fire protection statements on the planned project
    • Consulting in all areas of preventive fire protection


    Fire protection approval planning

    • Fire protection assessment of standard and special structures
    • Fire protection analysis of existing buildings
    • Feasibility studies, assessments
    • Development of an evacuation concept
    • Preparation of fire protection certificates


    Design method in preventive fire protection

    • Fire load determination for single-storey and multi-storey industrial buildings according to DIN 18230
    • Dimensioning of the required extinguishing water retention systems


    Create additional documents

    • Fire-fighting plans
    • Escape and rescue plans
    • Seating plans
    • Fire protection regulation