MD Papier GmbH, Plattling

Plattling Wastewater Treatment Plant - Wastewater Treatment Plant and Fresh Water Treatment

Project details

In the course of the new construction of PM1, a new wastewater treatment plant and a fresh water treatment plant were built on the eastern side of the plant site. The structural implementation of the sewage treatment plant, which was designed for 375,000 population equivalents, was a particular challenge, as only a total period of 10 months was available for planning and execution. The heart of the wastewater treatment plant is the huge aeration tank with a capacity of 14,000 m³. The aeration tank was designed as a round tank with an outer diameter of 46 m, an inner tank of 18 m and several subdivisions. Due to the enormous water pressure, the 12 m high basin was dimensioned as a prestressed reinforced concrete tank.
SCHUSTER engineering was responsible for the entire structural engineering.